Guided Dead Sea Tours

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth and full of biblical history. Qumran is a treasure trove of Scripture. The arid conditions preserved for millennia the Dead Sea Scrolls. See the caves for yourself and learn about the community that lived there. Ein Gedi means spring of the goat. It is mentioned in the books of Joshua, 2 Chronicles, & Ezekiel. It is the location where David hid from Saul in 1 Samuel chapter 24. This solitary green oasis and vital desert water source can be clearly seen from the top of Masada. Masada is a Herodian fortress. Its isolated rock plateau stands at sea level overlooking the Dead Sea 400 meters below and the mountains of Moab on the other side. It is a monument of resistance for a small community of zealots who refused to be made slaves to the Roman Empire which eventually penetrated Masada’s walls by building an enormous ramp that can still be seen today. The Dead Sea region is so much more than taking a dip and floating in its relaxing concentration of saline solution, it’s a biblical experience.